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    Neurosciences Centre Of Excellence At Birat Medical College

    Welcome to the Neurosciences Centre of Excellence at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, where we are dedicated to advancing the field of neuroscience through cutting-edge research, diagnostics, and compassionate patient care. Our specialized team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and support staff is committed to providing comprehensive neurological services.

    Our Services

    Neurological Diagnostics

    Advanced neuroimaging, EEG, and other diagnostic tests for accurate assessments.

    Neurosurgical Interventions

    Specialized neurosurgical procedures for conditions like brain tumors, spinal disorders, and neurovascular diseases.

    Stroke Care and Rehabilitation

    Rapid response stroke care with a focus on timely intervention.

    Key Features

    Birat Medical College's Neurosciences department is characterized by a distinguished faculty, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a strong emphasis on research.

    Expert Neurology Team:

    A team of highly skilled and experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, and support staff. Board-certified specialists with a focus on neurological disorders.

    State-of-the-Art Neurological Facilities:

    Modern Neurology and Neurosurgery units equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment technology. Specialized facilities for neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and neurosurgical procedures.

    Research and Innovation:

    Actively involved in neuroscience research to advance treatment options. Incorporation of the latest technological advancements into patient care.

    Comprehensive Neurological Services:

    Diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of neurological disorders. Collaborative care for conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, and more.

    Contact Us:

    For comprehensive neurological services or more information, please contact our Neurosciences Centre of Excellence at  +977-021-420-601 . Our dedicated team is ready to provide advanced neurological care with a focus on compassion, innovation, and patient well-being. At Birat Medical College, our Neurosciences Centre of Excellence is committed to advancing neurological care, offering hope, and improving the quality of life for individuals facing neurological disorders. We blend expertise, technology, and a patient-centric approach to provide exceptional neurological services.