Innovation and Premium Care

At Birat, we do more than healing patients, we foster trust and faith in healthcare by taking care of wellbeing of patients. With the prime focus on innovation and premium care, we aim to make affordable and supreme healthcare accessible to all.

Besides having a team of emergency specialists to assess and manage your case, our multidisciplinary team of specialists and surgeons are also on call to attend to complex medical conditions.

List of Services

    Emergency care
    Accidents and Injuries related to it
    Treatment of acute medical and surgical conditions
    Management of industrial accidents and poisoning
    Management of dengue fever
    Treatment for sports injuries
    Laboratory Tests
    Radiology Assessments

Triage and waiting time

The average waiting time at our Accident and Emergency Department is 15 minutes. This is an approximate as the waiting time is dependent on the number of patients at the hospital and the severity of the patients’ condition.

Upon registration, you will be triaged accordingly after a quick assessment of your vital signs and condition. Your waiting time may vary correspondingly to the priority level assigned. This is to ensure the most critical cases with time-sensitive conditions will receive immediate medical attention. Rest assured that our Accident and Emergency Department will make uncompromised efforts to meet your needs promptly.