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    Introduction to Cancer in Nepal

    • Nepal’s most prevalent cancers are breast, lung, cervical, stomach, and oral cavity.
    • 2020 data: 26,184 cases, 19,413 deaths, a significant health and financial burden.
    • 70% of cancer deaths in Nepal are due to low awareness and late diagnosis.
    • There is a dire need for education and awareness in cancer prevention.
    • Major risk factors contributing to Cancer in Nepal include tobacco use, betel quid consumption, air
    pollution, alcohol, and certain viral infections.

    Our collective efforts are pivotal in the fight against Cancer

    Key strategies include:

    • Awareness: The foremost aim of our event is to enhance knowledge and awareness about Cancer, its diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, underscoring the vital message that with early detection and proper care, Cancer is beatable.
    • Enhancing Healthcare Access: Promoting National Health Insurance coverage to render Cancer care more accessible and affordable.
    • Regulatory Measures: Enforcing stringent regulations on the marketing and sales of carcinogens, particularly tobacco and alcohol.
    • Early Detection Programs: Establishing widespread screening initiatives on prevalent cancers like breast, lung, and cervical to facilitate early detection.
    • Educational Outreach: Amplifying cancer education initiatives from an early age to foster a well informed populace.
    • Infrastructure Development: The Birat Cancer Institute exemplifies our commitment, offering cutting edge research, advanced screening, treatment facilities, and a dedicated team of oncology experts.

    Our investment in such infrastructures is vital for elevating cancer care standards.

    Let's make a difference this World Cancer Day

    World Cancer Day on February 4th, 2024, marks a global effort against a disease responsible for 10 million deaths annually, making it the second most deadly disease worldwide. Tragically, 70% of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries like Nepal. Early diagnosis and awareness can significantly reduce this number. This year, let’s unite to diminish the global impact of Cancer, emphasizing early detection and education as critical tools in our fight against this disease. This year’s theme emphasizes all of this: Close the Care Gap.

    Aasha – Close the Care Gap

    The “Aasha – Close the Care Gap” event, orchestrated by Birat Cancer Institute, is an ambitious and meaningful campaign to narrow the disparities in cancer care. This event encapsulates a series of meticulously planned activities, including educational marches, interactive rallies, and comprehensive awareness programs. These initiatives are designed to enlighten the community about the nuances of cancer care and foster a supportive environment for those affected by Cancer. The program underscores the significance of early detection, the importance of mental health support for patients and families, and the need for equitable access to quality care. This initiative is a powerful platform to catalyze change in Nepal’s public perception and policymaking regarding cancer care.

    *(All funds collected through various streams such as ticket sales, registrations, sponsorship, donations, etc. will go directly towards financially burdened cancer patients’ care and support. Each of the various events will highlight specific cancer types and their awareness. For example, Scooter Rally: Hope on 2 Wheels will promote Breast and Cervical cancer awareness and help raise funds for one particular patient who fits this criteria, whilst the Marathon run will focus on Lung Cancer and help raise funds for the person battling this type and so forth.)*

    About the Organizer: Rewanta-Rukmani Memorial
    Birat Cancer Institute

    Rewanta-Rukmani Memorial Birat Cancer Institute (BCI), a newly established cancer treatment beacon, stands poised for its formal inauguration. Despite its recent inception, BCI has already made significant strides in patient care, saving numerous lives. As a comprehensive cancer centre, it boasts the latest technology. It aims to be a leading hub for cancer treatment in Asia. The institute prides itself on its highly experienced team, offering evidence-based treatments at affordable rates. BCI’s vision is to provide top-tier treatment to all patient categories, enabling individuals to receive care within Nepal, thus saving costs associated with seeking treatment abroad. This commitment to excellence and accessibility underscores BCI’s role as a transformative force in cancer care in Nepal and globally.

    Event Details

    Opening Ceremony

    • The ceremony, marking the beginning of World Cancer Day events, will feature impactful speeches from leading healthcare professionals, inspiring cancer survivors, and renowned personalities.
    • It will also include a commemorative segment to honour those affected by Cancer alongside cultural elements to engage and inspire the audience.
    • The event aims to foster community and solidarity in the fight against Cancer, highlighting the importance of awareness and support.

    Location & Time:

    • The event is scheduled at the Birat Cancer Institute at 10 AM, setting the tone for a day
      dedicated to cancer awareness and advocacy

    Special Features:

    • Media coverage to extend the reach and impact of the event.
    • A special announcement or unveiling to mark a significant moment for the institute.
    • The ceremony will conclude with a group photo, symbolizing unity in the fight against Cancer.

    Youth March For Hope: Closing The Cancer Care Gap


    • The “Youth March for Hope: Closing the Cancer Care Gap” involves around 1500 students aged 15 to 22 from various schools and colleges in Biratnagar. Marching through significant city points, they’ll engage directly with the community. Each school will carry banners, offering sponsors a unique opportunity to place their brand logos for increased visibility. The march ends at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital for the “AASHA” event (expected 4000 people from various other events). This age group provides a prime opportunity for sponsors to target their branding towards young individuals and the community. Sponsoring this event offers increased brand visibility among a diverse and youthful audience. It aligns with a critical health cause, showcasing the sponsor’s commitment to community health and cancer awareness.

    Route & Time:

    • The march will commence at 8 AM from multiple strategic locations across Biratnagar, maximizing participation and visibility. Each group will follow a pre-defined route, converging into a unified procession as they approach the Birat Cancer Institute. The march is expected to conclude at 10 AM at the Birat Cancer Institute, symbolically uniting at the forefront of cancer care and research in the region.

    Cycle Rally – Pedal For Life


    The “Pedal for Life” cycle rally offers sponsors a unique platform for brand visibility, not only in Biratnagar and Dharan but also as part of the larger “AASHA” event at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital. This convergence, expected to draw around 4000 participants from various events, allows sponsors to showcase their brand and commitment to a vital health cause. By aligning with this event, sponsors can significantly extend their reach and impact in the community, contributing to the broader fight against Cancer.

    Route & Time:

    • This energizing event starts at 7 AM, with cyclists starting from various locations throughout Biratnagar and Dharan. This decentralized start allows broader community participation and greater visibility across the city.
    • The rally will culminate at the Birat Cancer Institute at 10 AM, converging into a powerful display of commitment and solidarity in the fight against Cancer.

    Marathon- Unity Run


    • The “Unity Run (Steps for a Cancer-Free World)” is a 5km event anticipated to attract over 500 participants from diverse groups, uniting to raise cancer awareness and funds for patient care. This run, embodying the spirit of community in the fight against Cancer, offers a significant opportunity for sponsors. By supporting this event, sponsors can enhance their brand visibility, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. This involvement not only aligns them with a vital health cause but also allows them to impact the ongoing battle against Cancer positively.
    Route & Time:
    • The marathon will commence from a single starting point, the Airport Road, providing a unified and focused beginning to this significant event.
    • Starting at 8.30 AM, the runners will follow a predetermined route, culminating at the Birat Cancer Institute. The finishing line at the institute represents the goal of advancing cancer care and support.

    Scooter Rally - Hope on 2 Wheels


    • The “Two-Wheel Awareness Rally” in Biratnagar, focusing on breast and cervical cancer awareness, offers a significant opportunity for sponsors. Sponsors can significantly enhance their brand visibility by supporting this women-led scooter rally and joining Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital as part of the larger “AASHA” event. Their involvement showcases a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement and aligns them with a crucial health cause. This partnership allows sponsors to contribute meaningfully to the fight
      against Cancer, positively impacting the community.

    Route & Time:

    • The scooter rally will commence from 1 specific location in Biratnagar at 7:00 AM. Participants will navigate through the city, converging in unity at the Birat Cancer Institute by 10:00 AM.

    Car Rally - Drive For Hope


    • The “Drive for Hope” Car rally, integral to the “AASHA” event at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, features around 60 vehicles, each carrying four passengers. As they traverse regions of Biratnagar, vehicles adorned with flags, banners, and stickers will distribute awareness materials to the community. This rally offers sponsors numerous opportunities to support this cause visibly, enhancing their brand presence and showcasing their commitment to cancer awareness and community engagement.
    Route & Time:
    • Starts at 8 AM from 1 location and finishes at 10 AM in Birat Cancer Institute

    Awareness Programs by Oncologists


    • The “Awareness and Education Program by Oncologists” at the “AASHA” event is crucial, offering attendees an opportunity to gain comprehensive insights about Cancer. Led by expert oncologists, this segment will address cancer information, debunk myths and misconceptions, and highlight our collective mission in the fight against Cancer. The session aims to foster a better understanding of Cancer and encourage community participation in cancer prevention and care. It will conclude with an interactive Q&A, allowing the audience to engage directly with the oncologists
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, midway through the program. Story Telling by Survivors and Loved Ones of the Deceased

    Story Telling by Survivors and Loved Ones of the Deceased - Enduring Spirits

    • At the “AASHA” event, the Nepal Cancer Survivor’s Society (NeCaSS) will play a pivotal role. They’ll share insights about advocating for cancer awareness and supporting survivors. NeCaSS‘s activities include awareness initiatives, counselling services, and survivor support, all aimed at empowering families and individuals affected by Cancer. Their presence at the event will offer a platform for survivors to share their stories and educate participants about
      the complexities of Cancer, thereby enhancing understanding and empathy within the community. This segment is crucial for highlighting the human aspect of the cancer journey and the importance of community support.
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, midway through the program.

    Official Inauguration of cancer Institute


    • The formal opening of the cancer institute marking a new era in cancer treatment and
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, 10:30 – 11:00 am


    Food and Games Stalls


    • Stalls offer a variety of foods and games, adding a fun element to the day’s events.
    • At Birat Cancer Institute

    Musical Concert by Sabin Rai and the pharoah


    • Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, a renowned band in Nepal, will be a significant highlight of our “AASHA” event, bringing their unique energy and music. They’ll perform their classic hits and new songs, intertwining their performance with talks on cancer awareness. Their participation elevates the event’s entertainment value. It emphasizes the importance of awareness in the fight against Cancer, resonating deeply with the audience through its popular music and influential presence. 
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, around 3:30 PM

    Meditation by Brahma Kumaris Nepal


    • “Yoga and Zumba – Exercise for Hope” at the “AASHA” event offers an engaging and healthfocused experience. This segment, led by a professional Zumba instructor and Brahma Kumari’s yoga guru, emphasizes the role of physical activity and mindfulness in promoting a healthy lifestyle. These classes are not just about fitness; they highlight how modifiable factors like exercise, peaceful living, and healthy habits contribute significantly to cancer prevention. It’s an interactive way to educate participants on the benefits of holistic well-being in reducing cancer risk.
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, during the event.

    Light of hope: a global tribute to cancer warriors


    “Lights of Hope: A Global Tribute to Cancer Warriors” is a poignant event at the “AASHA” gathering dedicated to honouring the memory of those who have lost their lives to Cancer worldwide. This candlelight vigil will offer reflection and solidarity, bringing together participants to remember and pay tribute. It is a powerful reminder of the global impact of Cancer and the shared human experience in this fight. The event aims to provide comfort, foster community, and reinforce the collective resolve to continue the battle against Cancer 

    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cancer Institute, closer to the end of the program.

    Talent show from participants of school march

    • The “Talent Show from School March” is an exhilarating part of the “AASHA” event, where participating schools showcase their unique talents. Each school will present one talent act, limited to three minutes. The top five acts will perform on the AASHA main stage, competing
      for exciting prizes. The winning school will also receive a WHITEMOON sanitary pad dispenser machine. This talent show celebrates youthful creativity and allows students to express themselves, making it a vibrant and integral part of the event. 
    Location & Time:
    • At Birat Cance Institute, around 12:30.

    Goals & Objectives

    To significantly reduce the impact of Cancer in Nepal by increasing awareness, improving early detection, and fostering community engagement in cancer care and prevention.

    Specific Objectives:

    Increase Public Awareness

    Promote Early Detection and Screening

    Support and Empower Cancer Patients and Survivors

    Advocacy for Policy Changes in the Health Sector at all Ministry levels

    Fundraising for Cancer Research and Patient Support

    Engage Youth and Local Communities to be more informed about Health

    Promote Healthy Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise

    Prevent Advertisement and Sales of carcinogenic Products like tobacco

    Advocate for Cancer education from an early age

    Build healthcare ambassadors among youth

    Reduce the overall impact of Cancer Worldwide

    Promote Nepal as a medical tourism destination in South Asia

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • Core Team
    • Clinicians
    • Project Managers for each of the 14+ events/activities
    • Project Coordinators (28+)
    • Volunteers (100+)
    • PR Team (5+)
    • Brand & Media Team (5+)
    • Logistics Team (10+)
    • Security Team (50+)
    • Property Managers (2)


    What is the "AASHA – Close the Care Gap" event by Birat Cancer Institute all about?

    It’s a special day dedicated to fighting cancer in Nepal. Through various activities, we aim to raise awareness, provide support to cancer patients, and promote early detection and prevention.

    How can I get involved in the event or contribute?

    You can participate in different activities like marches, rallies, and runs. Also, consider sponsoring or donating. All funds collected directly help cancer patients in need.

    What's the goal of the Birat Cancer Institute, and how does it help cancer patients?

    The institute aims to provide top-notch cancer treatment in Nepal, saving costs. It’s equipped with the latest technology and offers affordable, evidence-based treatments.

    Where does the money raised from events go, and how does it impact cancer patients?

    Funds go directly to financially burdened cancer patients for their care. Each event focuses on a specific cancer type, raising awareness and funds for patients with that cancer.

    How can I become a sponsor for the events, and what benefits do sponsors receive?

    Choose a sponsorship level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze) based on your preference. Sponsorship benefits include brand visibility, stalls at the venue, mentions in media, and exclusive event access. Check the sponsorship opportunities section for details.