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    Diagnostic Services at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital

    Welcome to the comprehensive Diagnostic Services at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, where our commitment to precision and excellence in healthcare is embodied in our advanced diagnostic facilities. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic services play a pivotal role in accurate medical assessments and contribute to effective treatment strategies.

    General Diagnostic Services

    Laboratory Testing

    A wide range of diagnostic tests covering blood, urine, and other bodily fluids to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of various health conditions.

    Imaging Services

    General imaging modalities such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans for detailed visualization of internal structures, bones, and soft tissues.

    Pathology Services

    Specialized pathology examinations to analyze tissues, cells, and bodily fluids for accurate disease diagnosis.

    Specialized Diagnostic Services

    Genetic Testing

    Cutting-edge genetic testing services for assessing genetic predispositions and identifying hereditary conditions.

    Cardiac Diagnostics

    Advanced cardiac diagnostic tests, including electrocardiograms (ECGs) and stress tests, to evaluate heart health.

    Neurological Diagnostics

    Specialized diagnostic procedures, such as EEGs and neuroimaging, for the assessment of neurological conditions.

    Key Features

    Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital is committed to delivering accurate and reliable diagnostic services. Our focus on utilizing advanced technology, expert interpretation, and stringent quality control measures ensures the precision and reliability of diagnostic results.

    Cutting-Edge Technology:
    Utilization of advanced diagnostic equipment and technology to provide accurate and detailed diagnostic information.

    Expert Interpretation:
    Experienced diagnosticians and specialists dedicated to providing precise interpretations and timely reports.

    Integrated Healthcare Approach:
    Collaboration with various medical specialties for a holistic and integrated approach to patient care.

    Comprehensive Diagnostic Services:
    Our diagnostic services contribute significantly to comprehensive healthcare, offering essential information for medical decision-making, treatment planning, and ongoing patient care.

    Contact Information:
    For inquiries, appointments, or additional information about our Diagnostic Services, please contact Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital at +977-021-420-601. Our dedicated team is ready to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic support, ensuring optimal patient care and outcomes.

    Choosing Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital means choosing a healthcare provider where advanced diagnostic services contribute to our commitment to excellence, ensuring precise and reliable information for the benefit of our patients.